My Story: “How I Deleted Charged Off Debts and Raised My Credit Score 151 Points”

Charge-offs removal Sra AssociatesWhen I went to college I had to borrow a ton of money.

When I finally graduated I had accumulated over $60,000 in total student loan and credit card debt.

Everything seemed to happen so fast because credit card companies made it so easy and convenient to borrow credit.

And I really needed the extra cash at the time just to get by with school.

I don’t regret going to college for a second, but I do wish I had been more responsible with my money.

I was working part-time waiting on tables to pay the bills… but soon it felt like it was impossible to make credit card payments on time.  I tried really hard to work with my creditors but they gave me the cold shoulder and disregarded changing any payment arrangements… and they kept charging even more ridiculous interest and fees.

After I missed a few payments, the credit card companies quickly charged off the accounts and sold them to collection agencies.  They completely crippled my credit score by putting late payments, charge offs and collection account items onto my credit reports.

My credit score sunk to a 594.  The bad credit made it literally impossible for me to get access to any new credit.

Bankers thought I was a bum and my friends thought I was utterly irresponsible.

I hoped that my bad credit would simply disappear over time… however, federal laws are in place to keep bad credit on your reports for up to 7 years!

The time was coming where I would need a new car soon and I felt desperate because of the financial turmoil I was facing.

I was on the verge of having an emotional breakdown.

I was also completely stressed out from having to get a new job… I was terrified that my bad credit would prevent me from getting a new job because I saw a news report that said most employers do credit checks now before they hire!

They think you are a druggie or thief if you have poor credit.

Luckily, a close friend of mine went through a similar situation and had Lexington Law help improve his credit score.  I learned that these credit specialists can repair almost any kind of bad credit – including, charge offs, collections, foreclosures and even bankruptcy related items.

I started in the same service and saw fast progress…Lexington Law even removed three credit card charge offs in only 11 days time!

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It gave me some much-needed hope, to see my credit score increase.  The first month it rose 56 points, and then another 24, and then a huge increase of 77 points.

It didn’t take long before my score had become a 745! It was simply life-changing.

Have a better credit score

Lexington Law got rid of 98% of my bad credit and helped me increase my score to a 745.

I was sure that some of the negative items would be impossible to delete.

But I was mistaken. Have a look at a few of my real deletion letters.

Credit card charge off deleted letters
Credit card charge off deleted letters

It was an incredible feeling to go look for a new car knowing that my credit score was so good. I didn’t even need to panic about getting approved.

I knew that with a credit score as high as 745… the banks would be able approve my loan with no issues.

New car with low financing rate

Take a look at this picture of my new Pathfinder – financed at a low rate because of the help I received from Lexington Law.

They increased my credit score from 594 to 745 and got rid of 98% of my bad credit.

I’d happily recommend them to anyone struggling to improve their credit situation.

-Casey S.

Credit Report Items
Latest Negative Credit Report Items Deleted by Lexington Law

The numbers don’t lie.  Lexington Law has helped its clients remove over 3.4 million negative items on their clients credit reports in 2012 alone!

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Lexington Law has served over 1/2 million clients since 1991, taking expert action on their credit that has led to the removal of millions of questionable negative items from their credit reports.**